New Tech revêtements

NT Series Refilled Sheets

New Tech refilled sheets are composed of a hard alloy with a high content of complex carbides deposited on a steel-support sheet by robotic welding.

New Tech sheets are designed to meet the high abrasion, corrosion, and temperature constraints, depending on the type of reloading, support steel and thickness chosen.

New Tech sheets can be cut and drilled with plasma or special electrode (ISARC CUT), they are suitable for bending, they weld very easily and can even be repaired. NT parts can be equipped with threaded studs or machined inserts for TF screws to facilitate their installation. 

In many cases, NT grades very advantageously replace hardened steels 400 and 500 HB, especially when operating temperatures approach or exceed 200 °C.  NT sheets are used in the sectors of activity facing the most severe wear conditions: cement plants, quarries, recycling, wood industries, concrete manufacturing, chemical and agri-food industries, mineral processing, thermal power plants, incinerators, etc.

NT sheets stand out from their competitors thanks to a large supply of powdered ferrochrome during melting. This technique is the only one to compensate for the dilution of the alloying elements in the support steel, and to guarantee all the characteristics of the hard reload from the first deposition pass.


Depending on your needs, NT sheets can be delivered in standard format, flats and pavers, or machined / cut / bent / drilled / mechanically welded according to plans for the realization of any complex part or assembly.

Tôle rechargée carbures de chrome – NT 42

Tôle rechargée carbures de chrome – NT 52

Tôle rechargée carbures de chrome – NT 62


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